Smile! This is the Maserati of toothbrushes — now on sale for only $40

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Now’s your chance to scoop up the best toothbrush on the market (Photo: Aquasonic)

You know the story: You go in for a dental checkup, lay back in the chair and pretend you’re on a beach in Lagos (the sunshine is nearly blinding!). The hygienist pokes around while you focus on the crash of the waves, the caw of sea birds above, the salty air on your skin. Then, in walks the dentist, who takes one look inside your mouth and lets out a big sigh. Beach fantasy over.

“What’s wrong?” you mumble in all vowels — the language of the dental patient mid-exam.

The dentist shakes his head. He seems personally offended.

“Your teeth are badly stained from the best things in life, like dark roast coffee and delicious red wine. You’ve got plaque in every nook and cranny. Your life could be different...if only….” He holds back tears.

“If only what, Doc?” you mumble, assuming the worst. If only I have all my teeth extracted and start over? If only I had been born with different genes? If only I pay thousands and thousands for a complicated bonding procedure? What?

“If only,” he chokes out the words, “you had a good electric toothbrush.”

He runs from the room to collect himself, and you’re left with your own thoughts and self-recrimination. You’ve meant to get one forever. You just didn’t know which one to buy. They seem expensive. And so, you dropped the ball, and passively stuck with the standard, manual drugstore toothbrush you’ve had for as long as you’ve enjoyed grownup pleasures like espresso and cabernet. Now you’re sighing too.

Well, sigh no more. We can make short work of your search.

The AquaSonic Black Series Toothbrush is the one for you (for all of us, really), and it’s on sale right now for 70 percent off the regular price. The AquaSonic is a premium electric brush that hunts down and eliminates plaque, even between tight teeth. With a motor that delivers 40,000 vibrations per minute motor, it removes up to ten times more build-up than an ordinary toothbrush.

AquaSonic Black Series Toothbrush. (Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle Store)

If your sensitive mouth makes eating ice cream a struggle, the AquaSonic has you covered. Thanks to its four brush modes, you get settings for sensitivity, deep cleaning, gum massage and even whitening.

The included travel case makes it easy to bring the electric toothbrush along on your next adventure (Lagos, here we come!). You also get an extra eight brush heads — no more shelling out piles of cash for replacement heads like with other brands (cough, cough SONICARE cough, cough).

AquaSonic Black Series Toothbrush. (Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle Store)

With the AquaSonic Black Series, you’ll walk into your next dental appointment with your head held high. Unfortunately, your usual dentist will be on an extended sabbatical due to the fact that multiple patients complained about his weeping. But your new dentist will give you a smile, a thumbs up and a gold star.

Make your dentist — and your mouth —happy with the AquaSonic Black Series Toothbrush. The set, including brush, travel case, and extra brush heads—which usually runs $140 — is available at this moment for only $40.

Shop it: AquaSonic Black Series Toothbrush, $40 (was $140), StackCommerce

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