Archaeologists Discovered Ancient Food Shop At The Historic City Of Pompeii

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The historians have found a food and hot drink shop in the city of Pompeii which is considered a street food shop of that era. The front of the counter was decorated with paintings, some of which were of the animals that were ingredients in the food, such as chicken and ducks. There was a multi-sided counter with huge vessels for hot food, similar to soup containers.

Lowered into the counters were also found terracotta jars and archaeologists discovered the traces of food nearly 2,000 years old, including duck bone fragments and relics of goats, pigs, fish and snails.

It was found in the Regio V site, which is not yet open for the tourists. Pompeii was submerged in a volcanic eruption in 79AD and is one of the oldest and Italy’s most popular tourist attractions.

Massimo Ossana, director of the Pompeii archaeological department, said the discoverey was “extraordinary”. Around 80 fast food sites have been found at Pompeii but this has first time happened that an eatery has been entirely excavated, he added.

Nearly 13,000 people were living in Pompeii, 14 miles from Naples, when it was burnt down to ash and dust. The fragments were discovered in the 16th century and excavations commenced around 1750. Around two-thirds of the town has been unveiled.