The Architect of the Influencer Generation

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"The days when we regarded social media indulgence as a bad habit, or a generational flaw, are essentially gone. Instead, it has become one of the most integral aspects of modern society…" says Lion Shirdan in his latest Forbes Business article, Social Media Relevance and Marketing During the Pandemic. In it, he compares platforms like Twitter, Instagram and WeChat to conventional, public forums in its proclivity to serve as a marketing tool by consolidating consumers into "agoras." Throughout the article, he shares his expertise on targeting demographics, embracing the form of each channel and, most significantly, utilizing influencer marketing.

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Since graduating from York University in Toronto, Shirdan has made waves in the marketing industry, launching his first marketing agency, Shirdan enterprises, in 2000. Since then, he's been a trailblazer for modern marketing professionals, capitalizing on internet trends and the boundless digital frontier to optimize new marketing strategies.

While in Canada, he served as a manager for various online personalities and YouTube stars. Among his first clients was YouTube food challenger Furious Pete, who today boasts millions of subscribers and views. When Playboy Enterprises announced its slate of original content in 2016, Shirdan brokered a deal to launch the dating show, Dinner with Furious Pete. He also attached famed tech blogger Jon Rettinger and pro-gamer Amy Willerton to Tech 360, Playboy’s first series shot in virtual reality. Shirdan additionally attached Furious Pete to the YouTube RED series, The Ultimate Expedition.

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The Israel native eventually became one of the first marketing professionals to secure brand partnerships and major motion picture deals for social media talent. He attached many of his clients to popular MTV projects and even brokered contracts in the tens of millions for YouTube sensations and influencers. Shirdan’s groundbreaking contributions to the marketing industry have paved the way for social media influencers to garner mainstream success, ushering in a new advertising strategy through which brands can achieve exposure and reach target audiences across the digital sector. Today, influencer marketing is a $14 Billion industry, as well as an essential component to every marketing agency’s campaign strategy.

Shirdan is currently the founder, CEO and creative director of UPRISE Management, a full-service marketing and branding agency. Since launching in 2015, it has quickly distinguished itself as a leading firm that effectively integrates talent and digital advertising strategies into its campaigns. Consequently, Shirdan has become a well sought-after advisor, consultant and creative director for a range of brands, including industry leaders like Hewlett-Packard and L’Oréal. He has also advised countless tech startups and eco-friendly brands, such as the plants and gardening marketplace, Y Combinator startup, Neverland, which recently raised $4.7m and amassed a substantial waitlist and social media following.

Lion Shirdan continues to pioneer new ground in the digital sector. From revolutionizing marketing strategies with the use of celebrity and social media talent, to cultivating environmentally conscious brands, he remains a decidedly influential figure in the marketing industry.

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