Arhaan Khan In An INTERVIEW Over Devoleena Bhattacharjee's Advice To Rashami Desai Against Him: ‘She CANNOT Separate Us’- EXCLUSIVE

Yesterday, we brought you Arhaan Khan's reaction over Devoleena Bhattacharjee's advice to Rashami Desai inside the Bigg Boss 13 House. 

We now bring you a FULL-LENGTH INTERVIEW with him, breaking down the questions to bits to understand if he's rattled and if yes, how much. 

Read on... 

What was your first reaction when Devoleena Bhattacharjee advised Rashami Desai against you, before she went out owing to injury?

Well, honestly I just wondered what gives her the license to do it. She knows Rashami before Bigg Boss 13 and she's intruding in her personal life. 

I know Rashami since a much longer time than Devoleena does.

So, you are saying that Devoleena is doing a wrong thing?

It isn't right either.


Are you disturbed by Devoleena's actions against you?
Not really. If Salman sir had said, I might have been.


What are your near and dear ones saying about this?

Nope, Rashami didn't say that. If you observe carefully, you will see that Rashami is all the time trying to divert the conversation about me that Devoleena is doing.

But then, I understand.


What do you understand?

Bigg Boss is a show, you have to keep doing something or the other to keep the cameras on yourself.

What if Rashami changes her stance about you after she's evicted?

Devoleena cannot colour Rashami's mind. Rashami is a very mature girl. Plus, our relationship is very deep and personal. 


So you are saying that Rashami and you will continue to hold hands together after Bigg Boss 13 ends?

Absolutely. I am confident about our relationship. Nobody can develop cracks in it. Devoleena cannot separate us.

Image Source:- instagram/arhaankhaan/devoleena

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