Ariana Grande's 'The Twilight Zone' inspired Halloween look will freak you out

Washington D.C: After sharing glimpses of her spooky Halloween attire, Ariana Grande finally unveiled her complete look in a recent post.

Inspired by a 1960 'The Twilight Zone' episode called 'Eye of the Beholder,' the 26-year-old singer dressed as a woman in the episode who undergoes a series of surgeries to look "normal," reported E-News.

But when her facial bandages are removed and it's revealed that she's been beautiful all along, the surgeons--whose body parts are disfigured and pig-like--deem the surgery a fail. Much to the woman's horror, she's then exiled to a village where such pretty features aren't so out of the ordinary.

Ariana added her own unique spin to the look by rocking her signature ponytail and sexily posing for the camera.

"final procedure was a success," the singer captioned the eerie picture on Instagram.

The ''One Last Time' singer was not the only one to go out of the box for the Halloween eve, even Karlie Kloss went just as above and beyond as a doll which will send chills down your spine.

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