Arjun Bijlani To Ring in Birthday In Goa With Wife Neha Swamy and Son Ayaan

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Actor Arjun Bijlani has seen the worst of 2020. Well, while professionally the actor is in a good place, personally Arjun had to recently endure the fact that his wife Neha Swamy and son Ayaan had recently tested positive for COVID-19. Eversince, the actor has been working tirelessly to ensure their recovery. And now that his family tested negative for COVID-19 and his family is back to health, he is planning on whisking them off to Goa for a celebration and his birthday, which falls on October 31. Arjun Bijlani's Five-Year-Old Son Also Tests Positive for COVID-19 After Wife Neha Swami.

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Arjun, along with his family, will be celebrating his birthday with family members on October 31. The actor who is spending all possible time with his family amidst the pandemic, was last seen in a music video with Reem Shaikh, titled Ishq Tanha. Ishq Tanha: Arjun Bijlani Talks About His Music Video With Reem Shaikh, Says His Song Has A 'Repeat Value'.

Talking about the impromptu plan to Goa for his birthday, Arjun says, "Last few months have been mentally and physically draining for me and my family. We have battled COVID-19 together as a family. We couldn't do anything for Neha's birthday as well. So, we needed that time away from the city to rejuvenate and be together and feel the joy of celebrating an occasion as a family. I had time to get away for a weekend, so we decided to come to Goa."

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Talking about how important it is for people to be mentally in a healthy and happy zone, Arjun says, "This pandemic has affected everyone's life in one way or the other. After we were unwell, we realised the need to be happy. Staying positive and happy plays a very important role in strengthening the will power. And staying closer to nature is always healing." Well, happy birthday in advance, Arjun.

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