Armed guards followed actress Faye Marsay to the toilet while filming ‘McMafia’

Faye Marsay starred alongside James Norton in Russian crime drama McMafia

According to Faye Marsay, wearing a million pounds worth of diamonds might not be all it’s cracked up to be.

The actress, best known for her role as The Waif in Game Of Thrones, has spoken about her ultra glam wardrobe on McMafia, which involved a lot of accessorising.

“My wardrobe was incredible – I wore a million pounds worth of diamonds,” Faye revealed on Kate Thornton’s podcast White Wine Question Time.

“Armed guards followed me around the museum where we were filming. Every time I went for a wee, they all had to come off and this guy had to stand outside the toilets… Then it took, like, 10 minutes to put them back on. They were so heavy.”


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Faye starred alongside James Norton in McMafia, playing his steely sister Katya Godman. The role of the glam Russian was world’s away from her famous character in Game Of Thrones.

Faye Marsay's character in McMafia was just slightly more glam than that of The Waif in Game Of Thrones

“She would wear what can only be described as a sack,” joked Faye about The Waif. “Very little time in hair and makeup as well. I think I was in makeup for about three minutes, just to make sure there was no light spots and that's it.”

Game Of Thrones stars Faye Marsay and Natalia Tena share their views on that much criticised final episode on White Wine Question Time - listen on iTunes or Spotify.