Armie Hammer’s Friend Leaks Her Conversation With the Star, Texts Reveal Him Claiming That Women Are Proposing to Let Him ‘Eat Pieces of Them’

Ananya Swaroop
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Armie Hammer has been headlining the news ever since an anonymous Instagram handle started posting about the actor's weird fetishes and sex fantasies. The Instagram account going by the name of House of Effie has been posting screenshots, evidence and confessions from fellow female victims who were reportedly sexually harassed by the actor. The actor was tagged to be a person who is into cannibalism as well. This stirred the internet quite vividly and every day new developments have been taking place in this case. The Offer: Armie Hammer Dropped Out of Another Project After Shotgun Wedding Amid the Social Media Scandal.

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A friend of Armie's has now posted screenshots of her conversation with the actor. Armie has sent elaborate voice notes and messages talking about how he is handling the situation. In one of the messages, he is even seen talking about how after this whole incident, a number of girls have been texting him and he has received 'a lot of offers from girls who said I can eat pieces of them.' Calling the whole scenario, 'invasive and s****y to get kink shamed by the internet,' Armie also said that he happy and is just going through a hard time.

Armie had been sexting the friend from about six weeks before the whole scandal was out. In one of the audio recordings shared by her, we hear Armie calling her his 'perfect little w***e' and ordering her to 'give me 5 big orgasms.' The woman had started talking to Armie Hammer on Instagram in December. She revealed that within a day, the actor opened up about his contentious sexual fantasies and even tried to persuade her to join in. He even had texted her and pushed the woman to record herself masturbating. Armie Hammer Gets a Warning by Cops After Uploading an Obscene Video of ‘Miss Cayman’ on His Private Instagram.

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In another screenshot shared by the woman, we see Armie explaining how one of the many women he has had such relationships, role-played with him and it was very fun for him to act like he has kidnapped her. "I had one girl who we would role play that I had kidnapped her and was explaining to her that I kidnapped her because I knew she wanted it. And then would explain how I was going to keep her and use her as long as I wanted. That's called consensual non-consent. And I am very down,' Hammer wrote in the texts.