Armie Hammer Says He was Fired from Gossip Girl Because it was Tough Filming for the Show

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Hollywood actor Armie Hammer has been embroiled in a slew of controversies lately. He recently stepping away from an upcoming movie project after being accused of writing sexually graphic DMs on social media. His name is once again in the headlines, but this time over something he said back in 2017.

During an appearance on the Watch What Happens Live After Show that year alongside Chelsea Handler, the actor was asked by an audience member to name “the biggest diva” on the set of Gossip Girl. Hammer starred as con-man Gabriel Edwards, who briefly dates Serena van der Woodsen played by Blake Lively.

The actor hesitated and Handler assured him that he could “say it because it's so far away from where you are now, that show's over. I suggest that you do not pass on another question.” Finally, he replied, “Let me just say that was a tough show to film and I didn't end up actually filming all of the episodes I was supposed to because it was such a tough filming.”

The show's host Andy Cohen interrupted, "Literally, you said, 'Get me out of this'?" Hammer then replied, “It was also like, 'Get him out of here'."

Earlier this year, unverified Instagram DMs were shared on social media that depicted Hammer allegedly engaging in sexually aggressive and potentially disturbing conversations. Post that, Hammer released a statement about dropping out of the forthcoming Jennifer Lopez film Shotgun Wedding.