Army of the Dead: Was Huma Qureshi's Death Scene Cut Short By Recasting Decision in Zack Snyder's Film?

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Zack Snyder's Army Of The Dead is streaming on Netflix since yesterday. We told you how Indians were upset to see Huma Qureshi's role being snipped short mercilessly. Many made their displeasure apparent on Twitter. Some were amazed to see her in the film, others couldn't she was given such a raw deal for her maiden Hollywood film. In fact, her character is so strangely edited in the film that nobody knows what really happened to Geeta. Screenrant however has a speculative explanation of the same. Entertainment News | ‘Army of the Dead’: Zack Snyder, Netflix Spent Millions to Add Tig Notaro in Film

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The helicopter which Tig Notaro's character flew in the film got into an accident and a side of it was damaged. It is implied that Geeta who sat in the front seat died in the same. Screenrant believes the reason it wasn't kept in the movie was that Notaro wasn't the original actor cast in the role. It was Chris D'Elia. But a sexual misconduct allegation later, he was replaced by Tig and her shots were all done on Green screen. They were later jammed with the other characters through CGI. It is a possibility that all scenes of Huma in the helicopter may have had D'Elia in the frame and had to be cut out. Army Of The Dead: Huma Qureshi’s Limited Screen Time In The Zack Snyder Netflix Film Leaves Fans Highly Disappointed

Well, if it's true, this is really unfortunate as Huma's scenes were chopped off due to a disgraced comedian.

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