Arnold Schwarzenegger gets COVID-19 jab, mouths famous 'Terminator' dialogue

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Arnold Schwarzenegger gets COVID-19 jab, mouths famous
Arnold Schwarzenegger gets COVID-19 jab, mouths famous

21 Jan 2021: Arnold Schwarzenegger gets COVID-19 jab, mouths famous 'Terminator' dialogue

Arnold Schwarzenegger has proved his mettle on the silver screen and as California Governor.

So, when this 73-year-old icon shares a piece of advice over the COVID-19 vaccine, you listen.

The Terminator star took to Twitter to upload a video of himself getting the jab and after it was done, he delivered a one-liner you can't ignore if you are a Terminator fan.

Development: Actor got the vaccine at Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles

The video shows the actor at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, where a female medical practitioner is seen administering the vaccine to him while he is sitting inside his car, wearing a black T-shirt.

Apparently, T-800 didn't like the prick initially, as he was heard saying in his ordering voice, "Put that needle down!"

The practitioner replied, "All done!" and congratulated him.

Fact: 'I have never been happier to wait in a line'

Fact: This was his first dose

Then Arnie, facing the camera, says, "Alright, I just got my vaccine. I'd recommend it to anyone and everyone."

Subsequently, it comes, "Come with me if you want to live," he says, twitching his eyes to give us that chilling sensation from the insanely popular action franchise.

Notably, he will have to come back for a second dose.

About: The dialogue was actually spoken by Kyle Reese first

That dialogue was first spoken by the character Kyle Reese in the first Terminator film.

Reese, played first by Michael Biehn in The Terminator (1984) was directing this at Sarah Connor.

Arnold played the role of Terminator Model 101, made by Skynet, which is programmed to kill Connor and thereby put an end to the human resistance against the machines in years to come.

US scenario: The veteran actor has chosen an apt dialogue

The former California Governor, by using this popular dialogue, has attempted to restore sense into Americans, who have long been disturbed by baseless claims of fatal reactions of vaccine jabs, peddled by the anti-vaxxer community.

The veteran actor, a Republican politician, had called out former President Donald Trump for the Capitol riot, and tweeted that he was "rooting" for 46th US President, Joe Biden.

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