Arpita's Death Is Pratyusha Part 2. Boyfriend Was Exploiting Her Mentally & Financially

This morning, we woke up to the news that compere and starlet Arpita Tiwari has died under mysterious circumstances. 

Arpita and Pankaj, a 30-year-old animation expert, had arrived at the 19-storey Manavsthal Heights around 3 am to visit a mutual friend, who lives on the 15th floor. Jadhav said they went to sleep around 4 am. Around 7 am, her body was found in the second floor duct between 2 buildings.

Arpita Tiwary

Music composer and close friend of Arpita, who knew her since one-and-half-year, Lucky Sharma (who had cast Arpita as a second lead in his Bollywood film Toffy which was soon going to go on floors) is an angry man. In fact, he is hopping mad.

Lucky tells that Arpita was in a very troubled relationship with her boyfriend, Pankaj Jadhav.

According to Lucky, Arpita had shared with him that she was unhappy with Pankaj. "It began when she came late and I told her that her unpunctuality would lead to a financial loss for me. This was the time when she told me that she had issues in her personal life. 

Arpita Tiwary

Pankaj and Arpita had virtually broken off, and Arpita has paid the price of remaining his friend. Arpita was such a happy-go-lucky and full-of-life girl."

Adds Lucky, "Okay, so Pankaj loved to party and seems that Arpita was the opposite in that. She told me that he drags her to parties and makes her drink alcohol. He was exploiting her, mentally and financially."

Arpita Tiwary

Lucky also informs us that Pankaj was living on Arpita's earnings and doing nothing on his own professional front.

Similar to Pratyusha Banerjee case? "Yes, you can certainly say that," said Lucky.

TV star Pratyusha Banerjee too was found dead in mysterious circumstances (on April 1, 2016) and was in a very trouble relationship with her boyfriend (Rahul Raj Singh).

Image Source: facebook/arpita.tiwary.7

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