Arshi Khan Recovers From COVID-19, Wants to Wait a While Before Going Back to Work

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Actress Arshi Khan has tested negative for Covid-19. She says she will wait for a while before getting back to work. “Thank god, I’m negative now. It was a self-pampering time for me. I ate well and took proper care. I made sure to have lots of fruits, juices and medicines. Also, I did yoga and took it easy,” she says.

She added, “When you are positive for Covid, you must stay positive in your mind and heart too. I would advise everyone who is infected to not panic and consult a good doctor. You will recover with time.”

Arshi says that she is going to wait for a while before getting back to work. “I have recovered, but I’m waiting for some time to overcome the weakness caused by this virus, before going back to work. This is the time when everyone should keep their health as a priority and get vaccinated as soon as possible. Also, please don’t hesitate to get tested if you have symptoms,” she says.

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