The art of dressing to stand tall

It is true that taller looks are always appreciated in the beauty and fashion world, but that does not mean being short goes against the concept of beauty. There are many people who want to look taller and there are certain tips to keep in mind to look taller even if you are of average height. The small changes in the way you dress can make a lot of difference.

After all, good things do come in small packages. However, if you feel you would still like to add a few more inches to your height, don those three-inch stilettos and read on...

Kangana Ranaut

Celeb inspiration

Designers say a monochromatic ensemble elongates your body, and gives an illusion of height along with a refined silhouette. “Think Ridhima Pandit in a tone on tone lime lehenga and trendy dressing,” says director of KALKI, Nishit Gupta. According to designer Amy Billimoria, the kind of silhouettes that Kangana Ranaut carries are the perfect examples.

“She is slim and slender on the top so she makes sure that the top part of her body has more emphasis. Even when she wears the sari she shows the correct midriff, which makes her look slimmer and taller,” adds Amy.

There are a few Hollywood celebrities that could help you achieve the look you want. Designer Masumi Mewawalla says, “Salma Hayek knows the right colour outfits accentuating femininity and embracing her curves, whereas Nicole Richie is often spotted in easy silhouettes with flowy petite tops or dresses, having fun with prints and colours.”

Salma Hayek

Dressing tips

A wardrobe essential for all short girls is the crop top. Wear it with high-waist, wide-legged bottoms, lehengas or skirts. “These short tops are especially great if you have a longer upper torso but short legs,” adds Nishit.

Stylist Maneka Harisinghani suggests going for taller silhouettes, maxis, wide-leg structured pant or an A-line midi skirts. “Try monochrome because wearing one colour gives flow to your entire body, it creates a vertical line,” adds Maneka.

Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt has been seen pulling off monochrome looks several times. Wear a deeper neckline that also makes the neck look longer and the person look taller. “One can also wear a kurta that ends somewhere around your calf muscles/ midway through your calves. A long kurta gives an elongated look to your body, making you appear taller,” adds Nishit.

If you want to wear wide legged pants, balance the look with a fitted kurti or a tunic top. Palazzo pants are fantastic for making you look taller, thanks to their long hemlines and flowy cut; just make sure to wear them with heels. “They elongate the legs and make the torso look short. It balances the overall look,” explains Masumi.

Nicole Richie

Colours & patterns

“When you are wearing an overall printed kurti, suit or anarkali, ensure that your prints aren't too big,” recommends Nishit. Try to buy simpler ones that don't have a lot going on. Busy prints aren’t the most flattering route. Nishit and Masumi come from the same school of thought where they specify that all deep shades like black, browns, deep reds and blues will cut inches from the width of your body, giving you an illusion of a slender silhouette.

Hence, darker shades are what one should look for while deciding your OOTD. Vertical stripes give length to the body. “Short girls should try styling vertical stripes pantsuits or bottoms,” says Maneka.

Sara Ali Khan

Accessorise it

Apart from heels, there are several other modes of looking taller. One doesn’t have to live in heels or walk around in a painful pair all day, so it’s advisable to buy a quality pair that is as comfy as it is chic. “We recommend platforms or block heels to start with,” says Nishit. According to Masumi, flats and strappy sandals, especially in light or nude colours, that show a lot of skin will help elongate your legs.

Girls can also wear boots, which end just above the ankle so that their legs are as visible as possible. “Try to carry one statement piece, be it a chunky necklace or a big bag. Don’t clutter your outfit with too many accessories,” recommends Nishit. Even belts and long neckpieces can be used as they give a taller impact.

“High pony tails and bandanas will always add to your height,” says Amy.

Janhvi Kapoor

Dos & don’ts

There are certain norms to be followed by short girls to make sure they always look perfect. “Try to choose flowy fabrics that don’t make you look boxy or broad. Chiffons, georgettes and even lycra mixed cottons are great fabrics to try,” advises Nishit. Layering is the best way to lift up the look. “Try layering long shrugs or coats. It will make you look taller,” recommends Maneka.

Refrain from wearing oversized baggy clothes and anything that is calf length. “Never wear two-toned, especially the ones that split the body into two halves,” states Amy.

Masumi says, “Short girls should completely avoid wearing bandhgalas (closed necks) and choker style necklines because they are going to make you and your neck look much shorter.” The right amount of accessories is very important, because if you over-do it, you can look shorter.

Shraddha Kapoor

Maneka claims that fashion and short girls are connected in many ways as they can pull off fashion trends easily since they could be versatile. All it takes is a little planning and adjustment to make the styles look stunning on everyone. So, chin up little princess and get ready to rock and roll.