The Art of Photography – Marija Zdravkovic

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Marija Zdravkovic aka “KITTY” is steadily making her reputation as of the best young photographers in the world. Hailing from Serbia. Her photography style is somewhat unique, in her words “I make creative and unique stories about people & their brands through fashion and lifestyle photography, my goal is to inspire people around the world to dare and embark on the photography adventure of a lifetime. “

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The young photographer recently talked about her journey to becoming a professional photographer

“You seem to be in the professional world of photography for a long time, when and what made you decide that photography was your career and you wanted to devote time to turn pro?”

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5 years ago, I decided that I would only continue to do what I love and what makes me a complete person. I changed my college, habits, 9-5 job with a low salary and the whole way of thinking. I turned my long-time hobby into a full-time job that I enjoy every day. That allowed me to travel, meet a lot of amazing people and start crossing things off my bucket list, and most importantly, make people happy.

“Among your works, which one is your favourite and why?”

I did a lot of inspiring campaigns so far (for Huawei, Coca-Cola, Turkish Airlines, National Geographic, but one of my favourite works is the Big Thailand Campaign 2019. Me and my team set ourselves a challenge. The goal was to create content for ten brands in ten days. A trip that would push our creativity to the limits. So, we assembled a team and set off on an adventure to Thailand. We even worked for official Thailand Tourism.

“whose work has influenced you the most?”

I’ve always been influenced by artists from all over the world, especially by Russian aesthetics. I feel inspired by many things on a daily basis, like good music, movies, everyday things, stories, nature, people, and history. Besides magazines, I follow new trends and search for inspiration on Instagram, Pinterest, Tik Tok, and other social media platforms.

“being a professional, probably the question a lot of us want clarity is what makes a good picture stand out from an average one?”

Details and the story behind the photo are what make a brilliant photo stand out from the average one. If the photo makes you stop for a second and think about what’s the story behind instead of scrolling to the next one that’s a good photo. The brilliant photograph is one that causes some sort of emotional response; happiness, sadness, inspiration. This is going to keep your audience captivated. Visualize emotion through your lens.

“Nowadays almost everyone has access to devices with which it is possible to take pictures. What do you think is the difference between a professional photographer and any other hobby photographer?”

Hard/Smart work, dedication and consistency.

Stephen King once said: "Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of us just get up and go to work." Professional photographer knows how to communicate with the subject and viewer. He also knows how to tell a story through its lighting, composition and subject of the photo.

(Bonus Question) - lastly - what's your advice to the young generation? who are trying to make it like you in the world of photography

Don’t give up when it gets hard, and it will eventually. Seek inspiration and learn new things. Practice every day. Experiment with styles. Don’t try to copy others. Listen to yourself and your own ideas. Do what really inspires you and sets your soul on fire. Don’t be afraid to work for free or at small rates when you are just starting. It’s important to build your portfolio and practice a bit before you reach out to brands and people.

With age on her side, Marija Zdravkovic has an ocean of opportunity ahead of her, her style is what is catching eye of common people and professionals in this field, already working with high profiles brands like COCA COLA and HUAWEI she is already embarked in journey of success, keeping in mind how she is a growing name in the field of photography, we can proudly label her as “ONE OF THE BEST PHOTOGRAPHERS” in the world. we wish her the very best for the times to come and hope this fulfils the potential that people dream of having. The world is her’s to seek .