How Arun Sharma created the fitness clothing brand Antum

It all started with a passion for fitness. But, today, fitness has not just become his career but also his brand and his calling card. We are talking about Arun Sharma, certified personal trainer and nutritionist, and owner of the famous fitness apparel brand ‘ANTUM’. Arun started his journey as a personal trainer, specializing in fitness and nutrition.

But, coming from a business family, the drive to venture into the world of business soon took over. Out of his two overlapping interests, namely fitness and business were born his business idea: fitness clothing. Thus, ANTUM was born. Following many struggles, and initial hiccups, Arun was able to establish ANTUM as one of the best fitness apparel brands in the country. Today, the brand’s clothes sell all over India, catering to both fitness-conscious men and women.

Not just this, Arun is also a social media influencer in the niche of fitness, travel, lifestyle, nutrition, etc. and a content creator. It had all started with his love for photography. Arun used to click pictures and create content for his own social media profile. But it clicked with the audience, and today his following has reached lakhs.

Due to the traction he received, Arun was soon approached by big-ticket brands, who wanted to collaborate with him. Arun has worked with some of the big names like Hyundai, Daniel Wellington, Sonata watches, e-commerce platform Flipkart, sports equipment company Performax, sports nutrition brand MyProtein, Lenskart, HealthVit, Gayor, Asitis, True Elements, and more. As of now, he has worked with 150+ brands. Several new projects are in the offing.

Last but not least, Arun also provides online training. The number of clients he has helped through online training in the previous two years has surpassed 200. It is a commendable achievement, that he is connecting to so many people through every medium possible, and spreading the message of fitness. Arun is not just an inspiration because of his commitment to fitness, but also because of his undying entrepreneurial spirit.