Aryann Bhowmik: It was a huge challenge to play a demented character like Tenia

Imagine playing a man who dupes a woman into falling in love with him, only to exploit her in the worst way thinkable. Imagine living in the skin of a man who defies all believable norms of evil. That might bring you closer to understanding Tenia, the character played by Aryann Bhowmik in Raajhorshee De’s Purbo Poschim Dokkhin Uttor Ashbei. It’s hardly a surprise that playing such a character would take its toll emotionally and mentally on an actor. And that’s exactly what Aryann Bhowmik has lived through.

“Tenia is such a remarkable character, the likes of which I’ve never come across in films or literature. We are used to seeing certain types of villains. But Tenia represents an evil force that is above and beyond such characters. He is not just evil. He is demented,” says Aryann. The young actor adds, “Being in that head-space was extremely difficult. Not only for me, but for the people close to me as well. It affected my appetite as well. Thank God the shoot wrapped up in a few days, and I didn’t have to live under the skin of Tenia for too long!”

Aryann Bhowmik is best known for portraying Santu, the nephew of Raja Roy Chowdhury aka Kakababu in Srijit Mukherji’s films. From the innocence of Santu to the twisted evil of Tenia, Aryann is surely exploring his craft. He has also played Satyakam, one of the antagonists in Hoichoi TV’s Byomkesh series. “I want to explore a wider range of characters. Only then can I hone my acting skills. I love challenges,” signs of Aryann.

Purbo Poschim Dokkhin Uttor Ashbei is slated for release in late November

Image Source:- youtube/amaramuzikbengali

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