Asad Hussain: The Physique Expert in the Vast Fitness Sector, the World Needs To Know More About

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Hussain, through his passion and grit, has achieved monumental success in the competitive space and shares his ideas on how he sees fitness and what people need to focus on

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Ever wondered what the world could transform into if they fail to put enough focus on things that are really important for our better health and wellbeing? Well, this is a fact that people all over the world have only understood the significance of the word 'fitness' after they have either seen others getting their bodies transformed or have themselves experienced health issues of sickness which has driven them towards the same. However, Asad Hussain, a young and passionate physique expert and coach from Delhi, says, "rather than giving all sorts of excuses for not working out, say yes to fitness and start from today, because when you start loving the entire idea of transforming your figure for the better, only then can you start loving yourself more."

A very young Hussain at only 16 years had made an important decision for his life; it was to get into the deep ocean of fitness. As a teenager he had started living alone and gradually when loneliness began to creep in, he began to focus more and more into the subject of fitness and began prepping himself as a physique expert. He took inspiration from other fitness professionals but saw how they only emphasized on weight loss or inch loss. But, Hussain, believed that if ever he becomes a professional at it, he would offer something unique and help attain transformations for people by emphasizing on proportions more than anything else.

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Talking about his views on fitness, Hussain says that he looks at aesthetics, body shape, while other fitness coaches around the world are busy with focusing only on weight loss and inch loss. Hussain likes to go on a profound level in the fitness sector and tries to understand the proportions of an individual's body, aesthetics, etc. For men, he says having a tapered waist is important and for women, the right curves just add up to their beauty.

Further, he adds that the waist is something that draws the illusion of how the body's structure is and points out that no matter how lean a body gets, the real beauty comes out through its proportions. Hence, fitness experts and coaches of today must know how to work upon the proportions of a body structure and lay out workouts for individuals accordingly.

Hussain, who has already coached and mentored around 500 people coming from diverse industries is of the view that for men shoulders must be wide and the waist should look narrow, while women must workout to achieve an hourglass figure, where the waist is narrower, hips are wider, and shoulders and arms are lean and strong and should not appear bulky.

Hussain, today after giving in his blood and sweat for 10 long years in the industry is the owner of his fitness brand called "Curvesbyasad". It is a brand and a community that is filled by fitness lovers and passionate fitness individuals, where women work towards achieving their sought-after bikini bodies. They receive guidance and mentorship from not only Hussain himself, but his partner Sunaina Setia as well.

Many people might have joined the bandwagon of being the fitness coach, but Hussain strives to be different and the one who wishes to bring revolutionary changes in the fitness industry with his unique ideas on transformations as a physique expert. Follow him now on Instagram @asadhssn or his brand @curvesbyasadofficial.