Asha Parekh, Dharmendra Take First Dose Of Coronavirus Vaccination; Recommend Everyone To 'Take The Plunge' - EXCLUSIVE

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With the rising cases of Covid-19 in many parts of the country, including Maharashtra, the iconic senior Bollywood stars are being positioned as influencers for the Covid vaccine. Two legendary actors Asha Parekh and Dharmendra took the jab recently. And they both strongly recommend it.

Says Asha Parekhji, “It was painless and there were no side effects for me. I would say all citizens in the senior bracket must take the vaccine. There may have been some scattered reports of side effects here and there. But that is no cause for alarm. When we were young we were inoculated against small pox. That used to hurt a lot and there would be some fever also. If the same happens now, why panic? I am looking forward to my second dose.”

Dharmendra quoted, “Although I am in my farmhouse far removed from crowds. I still decided to take it. At least mentally I feel more protected now. The cases of Corona are rising. Now the Government has allowed people in the 40s to also take the vaccine. Don’t think about it. Just take the plunge.”

Amitabh Bachchan is yet to take the vaccine. He recently informed on his Twitter handle that he will take the vaccine once he recovers from his eye surgery. He wrote, "There is now the fear of another strain getting free box office results and that is unnerving... the vaccination has become mandatory and soon there shall be the conditioning for yours truly to be one such in the queue." Although his wife Jaya Bachchan has taken the vaccine.

Image source: SpotboyEarchives

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