Ashutosh Gowariker is like a history book: Kriti Sanon

Kriti Sanon is playing role of Parvati Bai in Ashutosh Gowariker's Panipat opposite Arjun Kapoor. For the first time in her career Kriti is not only going to be part of the historical film but also a Maharashtrian character. In an interview she talks about her, character, career, upcoming films and her sister Nupur Sanon

Was it challenging to do this role?

Parvati Bai has always accompanied Sadashivrao Bhau in his journey, there is not much information available on her so I completely had to depend on director Ashutosh Gowariker to essay this role. He was like a book for me, many of her characteristics have come from Ashu sir. He makes period films but his characters have always been contemporary, they are aspirational and you can always relate to it. In Jodha Akbar as well, Jodha had a voice. He cannot see his female characters being weak. I always feel that Marathi female have that flavour in them and Parvati has it all in her. She is not shy when it comes to expressing her love and does sword fighting and there is a point when she steps us and motivates the entire Maratha army.

I relate to her character except for the fact that I cannot express my feelings as boldly as her. I have done a lot of preparations ,I started training in Marathi because I did not want to go there wrong. Ketki was my dialect coach. I had to learn horse riding, sword fighting. It was challenging to do this in navwari saree, jewellery. I enjoyed it and did not realised that I had got some bruises while shooting those scenes.

What made you say yes to this role?

I had ask Ashu sir, I am a Punjabi girl and how did you imagine me playing Marathi girl. But he was convinced about it and it gave me confidence. Plus I feel this is the story, which needs to be told, we all know the start and end of this battle, but we don't know in between what all happened. It was a great opportunity for me to step into a period drama. I have never played a character which existed in the history.

What kind of precautions you have take to avoid controversies?

My job as an actor was to portray the character that I have been given to portray it as best as I can. I had to follow the director's vision. Ashu sir is like a history book ,he has a lot of knowledge of every small details of the history. I trust him completely ,that he will make it in best possible way. He will take care of all these aspects that might hurt anybody. He is a Maharashtrian and we are talking about Marathis .He is someone who respects Maharashtrians and Marathas ,Peshwas a lot. I have full faith in him and I am not worried. I don't know why controversies happened,sometimes I feel we tell them that this is all based on true story and that is why it happens. I will say don't judge a book by its cover or don't judge a film by its trailer. Once the film releases if anyone has any objection then we are here to answer them.

Kriti's sister Nupur has also made her debut in music video Filhaal with Akshay Kumar, so did you guide her?

Like any other elder sister I am also protective of Nupur and she is naughty. I was doing engineering and realised that I liked modelling and I can act. So that realisation comes on your own,there is nobody else who can tell you about it. She also realised it on her own ,it happened by chance when she was called for an audition one day. She never thought of acting,She came back and told me ,you know I did a scene today and I really enjoyed it. I think it is something I really liked doing and I would want to explore. I said go ahead, then she did many workshops than I have ever done in my life. She wanted to be ready as it is a very competitive world. I feel everyone's journey is different. Hers started with Filhaal,(music video), I always think she had some connection with music ,it has been important part of her life. Co- incidentally her first acting experience came with music video. The only tips I gave her ,is when she came to ask me how is Akshay Kumar sir, how should I be in front of him? I said he is a Dilliwala and you are also Dilliwali so just be yourself. Don't be nervous and I knew he would make her feel comfortable ,the way he is on the sets and the way he talks.

What are your upcoming films?

I have two films that is Mimi and Bachchan Pandey. I have recently shot for one schedule of Mimi ,I am very excited for this ,I think it is one of the most beautiful scripts I have ever read in a very long time. We have completed 40% of the film ,we have one big schedule to finish. I just hope this film turns out to be as special as I feel about it in my heart. Bachchan Pandey is very entertaining film, Farhad Samji has written a great role for me,I am excited to play that role. The whole team of Akshay sir,Farhad, Sajid Nadiadwala sir and me ,we have worked together in Housefull 4. I have had a great time with them. Sajid sir has launched me so it is like coming back home. It is a different kind of a film,we had a great equation with each other and it helps to make better film.

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