Ashwin Sanghi's next in Bharat series to be out next year at JLF

New Delhi, Dec 2 (PTI) Bestselling author Ashwin Sanghi will come out with his next book, 'The Vault of Vishnu', on January 23, 2020, announced publishing house Westland.

The book, which will be the sixth installment of the author's famous mythological 'Bharat series', will be released at the upcoming Jaipur Literature festival (JLF), they announced in a statement.

Setting a fictional timeline of mythological events, Sanghi said, the new book will also be a 'combination of history, mythology, culture, philosophy, geology, and science'.

''The Vault of Vishnu' is no different, just one difference that almost one half of the story is set in a land that I was not too familiar with -- China. I have made multiple trips (to China) in the last 18 months in order to find out what was the very unique connection between these two great lands which had so many things to share,' said the 50-year-old author on Sunday during the launch of the book's cover.

Sanghi's last book in the Bharat series, 'Keepers of the Kalachakra', was also released at the JLF. His other books in the series include 'The Rosabal Line', 'Chanakya's Chant', 'The Krishna Key' and 'The Sialkot Saga'.

Sanghi has also co-authored the popular '13 Steps' series that include books like '13 Steps to Bloody Good Marks', '13 Steps to Bloody Good Wealth' and '13 Steps to Bloody Good Parenting'. Touted to be one of India's bestselling fiction author, Sanghi said while writing his objective is to ensure that it comes out as a page-turner.

'For authors like us, it is not the words that we worry about but whether we can get our readers to turn the page. I have really tried hard to make you all turn the pages of my new book effortlessly, and I hope it will be a very interesting read for you,' he added. PTI MG MAH MG