Asim Riaz On Turning Rapper With 'Back To Start', 'My Family Said You Did It'- EXCLUSIVE

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Asim Riaz who became a popular name after his participation in reality show Bigg Boss 13 recently launched his first single 'Back To Start'. The model actor also turned rapper with this as he shared his own journey and hustle of all these years.

Asim has not only performed but has also penned the lyrics of the rap. Recently, while speaking to exclusively, Asim shared his love for rap and how his family reacts to it. Watch the complete video below;

Do you feel participating in Bigg Boss 13 helped you to achieve things in life?

Absolutely! Bigg Boss was a life changing moment. I am really grateful to the channel and people for giving me such a big platform and believing in me that I can do it.

How has life been after Bigg Boss?

Everything that has happened to me after Bigg Boss 13 has been best. I am still doing acting and modelling but rap is something I always loved. So, I wanted to show this to the world. I have been writing for a long time and wanted to tell my story using music. And finally it's happened.

When did you think about Back To Start?

I started writing this in 2015. I was down in life and wanted to tell my pain but if I would have gone and shared it to my family this would have not healed. In fact, I would have ended up giving more stress to them. Because I knew I could do it. I thought rather than telling it to family and making them feel disturbed I started writing my feelings. Initially, I didn't even know that I was writing a song.

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Then when did you decide to use your writing as a rap song?

I just started writing what I was going through and those were like rhyming every line and my brother was like you were hardly studying and now you are writing and rhyming so it's a gift from God. It was all about the struggle and the hustle I went through. So after that I started writing it like a song. I used to make efforts to think about the lines so that para rhymes. And finally it is released as a rap song.

What motivated you to finally release what you wrote 8 years ago?

I don't need any kind of motivation. I have this thing clear in my mind that I will do it. So you can only imagine if I wrote this in 2015 and I would have released it in 2021. If this would not have happened in the coming four years also, I would have desired to release it someday. It was meant to happen this year. And the only motivation was to believe in myself that I can do it. I believe that I have the best body. I know there are a lot of guys in the market who have good bodies. But the belief that I am the best motivates me to hit the gym everyday. I believe that I rap the best so that belief makes me write more tracks.

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In one of the Bigg Boss 13 episodes, we saw you presenting the roast in a rap form. Was that your idea?

It was my idea to say that let's do it in a rap form. Because I like to rap. I even made some rhymes on the spot.

After coming out of Bigg Boss house what all moments were you excited to see to know how it was telecasted?

After coming out of Bigg Boss house I never planned to watch episodes. Because I knew that I have not done a few things well because of my temper and that temper came out of my mouth. As I was locked inside for 140 days and it is a lot of time for anybody to flip out. I controlled myself a lot of the times when I felt I am going to lose it but then I fought with myself that no you will not react. So, I didn't watch episodes but on Instagram I watched a lot of clips which in fact I keep seeing now also.

Who do you look upto as a role model when it comes to rappers?

I look upto late Tupac Shakur. His rap music left the world amazed. His words and point of views for life. He is the only role model in my life which I look forward to being like. He is the only one person in my life I like to hear and learn from. It has also changed my point of view towards my life. Like people coming from the ghetto and making it to the top. I have also recorded another track day before yesterday and I am mentioning him as well. 'Sky High' is the name of the track.

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When is that releasing then?

We are just looking forward to shooting the video. Hopefully in another two or three weeks we may do it.

Do you feel rap songs should be given importance in the Bollywood films also?

We follow all the fashion from the west coast or we don't follow all the rappers from there. So I think we should start doing it. And I think it has been appreciated. Shout out to rappers like Divine, Amy Way they have done so good in rap culture. They have brought that change in the rapping industry. So I am being one of them right now to bring that change with my own community and fan following that this is the way I want to present my rap skills. I think Bollywood is now appreciating and accepting at the same time and I can say that because of the way my rap song is being appreciated here.

The best compliment you received for Back To Start?

My family said, 'you did it'.

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