Asli Daud -The excursionist is all set for a mettlesome gallivanting

"If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it's lethal"

The saying is candidly righteous,and the narrative of Asli Daud AKA Abdullah spawns even more curiosity in the young lads to know about him.At the young age of 21 ,his splendour has corroborated the claim that he is a bigwig in the niche of travel blogging and has hitherto attained immense opulence and prominence.

After shunning the minion full day job ,Daud embarked on his first ever journey across India ,to steer the thunder churning inside him.He concurred that the travel seemed to be so serene that he singled out travel blogging as the solitary niche to be pursued.Ever Since he has been the master of his own whims and has proven to be the kingpin of the respective niche. His conviction was of leadership and he never even tried to back-pedal from being a hustler .

The constructive advice coming directly from the inimitable bigwig himself,Daud believes-“great things never emanate from the comfort zone.Instead of striving to be someone,try to be who you really are”.

He incentivizes an untold no of youh and his elite vision made him to achieve a lot and still being humble he believes in hardwork and patience.We wish him all the best for his future excursions.