Asmar N Akman on His Journey to Becoming a Passionate Jeweler

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Asmar N. Akman, the President and Founder of Akman Enterprise Inc. (DBA Pleasant Pawn & Jewellery), is here to inspire us all with his remarkable journey of being a professional jeweler.

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Asmar's father had a successful jewelry store in downtown Worcester, MA, for more than 40 years. Even though he grew up in this industry, he never thought of becoming a jeweler, and most surprisingly, he never liked wearing jewelry.

Asmar N. Akman studied at Hofstra University in Long Island, NY, where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Business and Computer Information in 2001. He worked in multiple industries, such as Nuclear Power, Satellite Communication on Cruise Ships, Banking, Finance, and more. Working in different industries allowed him to travel throughout the United States, including San Francisco, Miami, and New York City.

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In 2005, Asmar moved to Worcester, MA. He always knew that he had the zeal to do something extraordinary; Asmar had that fire within himself; however, he also knew that he wanted to stay in Massachusetts and be close to his family. His father and Barry Krock, President of Commerce Bank, inspired him to get into the jewelry industry.

Looking at the ongoing situation of the economy, he made an alternate plan, and that was to open a pawnshop with a concentration in jewelry. Before opening his pawnshop, he learned about design from his father and several other accomplished jewelers. While learning, he realized that the techniques and information available to him were too traditional and might not suit the requirements of the modern generation. He wanted his designs to be cutting-edge, which made him experiment with other design techniques and alternative ways to set diamonds and other precious gemstones.

Soon, his unique designs and intrinsic detail started garnering the interest of his celebrity clientele, and from there, Asmar only moved forward, never to look back. Asmar states, "My designs are based upon my client's specific requirements. Whatever my clients ask of me, I create and deliver to them." Asmar's go-getter attitude that he can do it all has made him one of the best in this industry. Be it minimal and detailed engagement rings with hand-braided filigree, 8-inch solid gold elephant figurines weighing at 300 grams of 14kt yellow gold and 30ctw of VS1 diamonds, or beaded mill-grain accents around the shank with pave diamonds, Asmar can design anything.

For Asmar, nothing matters the most than making unique and exciting designs for his clients that they will cherish forever. He also shares that every design will cost money. Rather than asking his clients to increase their budgets, he goes one step further and offers them alternatives of the same design so that they don't have to worry about the increase in cost.

Asmar's integrity and loyalty towards his profession have made him the go-to jeweler not just in Massachusetts but throughout the United States. He is not just passionate, but his in-depth understanding of design has made him who he is today.

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