Assamese film 'Aamis' gets a push from Anurag Kashyap

Director Bhaskar Hazarika’s upcoming film Aamis, has been screened at various film festivals before it gets released in India next week. The director has earlier written a film, Players and serials, Left Right Left, Ssshhhh...Phir Koi Hai before making his directorial debut with his earlier Assamese film Kothanodi.

Bhaskar says, “Though the film shows my two lead characters belonging to two different casts, it is not ideally an issued based film. It is a love story that has a tragic end. I never made such films. We have had a good response so far in various festivals and we were waiting for its release in India. We have shot the entire film in Guwahati and in the past few years of making a film, it has helped us a lot.”

The director admits that having a celebrity filmmaker Anurag’s name attached to the project has actually helped him, “ "Anurag liked the film and offered to present it. It was nice of him to do that. This is why we are getting a chance to release it in India and hoping to reach it to the various audiences in the country. It is always helpful for Indie filmmakers like us to have a known name attached to the film because it helps in spreading the word about the project.”

Bhaskar is also planning to direct films in Hindi, “Yes I have been working on a couple of scripts and will decide which one to make. I have been getting a few offers from Hindi film producers, but I am yet to take a call on it.

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