The Audacity to Be Queen: The Unapologetic Art of Dreaming Big and Manifesting Your Most Fabulous Life

Amar Singh Rathore

The Audacity to Be Queen: The Unapologetic Art of Dreaming Big and Manifesting Your Most Fabulous Life

You have remained a multi-passionate entrepreneur and a global leader for so many years now. How did you discover your passion for transforming lives through Divine Living?

Everything starts with the self. And my journey started when I had a desire to transform my own life: To live a bigger, better life, make more of an impact and have more freedom and great experiences. So I went into the field of personal development, started developing myself and became a psychotherapist. I saw that it wasn’t just my issues but other people’s issues that could truly be healed, and that bigger, better lives were on the other side of that. Seeing what miraculous healing and transformation can take place made me excited about human potential and passionate about changing lives.

Our audience would love to know more about your new book ‘The Audacity to be Queen’. Please elaborate on the core idea behind writing this book.

The Audacity to be Queen, The Unapologetic Art of Dreaming Big and Manifesting Your Most Fabulous Life, really does say it all. My absolute obsession with human potential, personal development and spiritual connection is really what this book is about. And it’s been my life journey and career journey over the past 20 years that wound up on these pages. It’s a really fun, different way to look at life, to see an opportunity for transformation, and to bust a lot of the barriers of what people have told us is “responsible” or the way life “should” be done. We’ve been told how women should behave. We’ve been told what we can and can’t do. And, the truth is, a lot of that isn’t true, even though many of us have been living by it, so this book demystifies all of that in a fun way.

What are the key elements the book details about?

I would say the key element is femininity. Femininity is in both men and women, just like masculinity is, and most people are very unaware or uneducated about what femininity is. So this book goes into great depth about that. It’s for women, but it’s for anyone to understand how you can be more feminine, use feminine power to achieve, attract or create what’s most important to you in your life. Another core foundation of this book is spirituality. I think a lot of people had very rigid views of spirituality growing up, especially if they were either stuck in some sort of organized religion that was outdated or even unspiritual. Many of them did a pendulum swing thinking that because they didn’t want to have anything to do with traditional religion, they didn’t want to have anything to do with spirituality at all and this book is beautiful integration. Those that come from religious beliefs will certainly be welcome and those that don’t have overt religious beliefs will find a way to have their spiritual connection and infuse spirituality into their lives.

What was the book writing process like, especially when you had to curate an intricate piece of work that entails 20 years of experience?

My friend Katherine Woodward Thomas asked me what I was up to one day and I said “I’m writing my first book,” and she said, “Oh so you’re experiencing the agony and the ecstasy.” I didn’t quite understand what she meant because I was at the beginning of the process, and it was all really fun and exciting at that time. The deeper I got into it, it became the hardest thing that I’ve ever done in my career. And yet, the final product and how it came out is something that I’m most proud of, so I think Katherine coined it best to say it was filled with “agony and ecstasy.” I will say this though, it was a real honor to go back and look at my 20 years and see everything I’ve gone through and overcome.

Were there any phases of ‘writer’s block’ while ‘ ‘The Audacity to be Queen’ was being written? If yes, how did you overcome it?

I guess I didn’t exactly call it ‘writer’s block’ but yes, it’s not like every sentence that fell onto the page in the first draft had the wow factor that I was looking for. So I think it was more of an editing process than anything else. It was important to me that the book had depth, that it was sharing a new and fresh perspective, and that it had ‘wow factor’ and integrated spirituality, femininity, and Queenhood. So the editing was about making sure that every chapter and paragraph was filled with those elements. While it was important to me that this book had a great amount of substance, it also had to have a lot of fun, humor, and flare in it as well. So, how did I overcome it? I stayed with it, kept editing, kept not giving up and I made sure that I didn’t lower my standards or settle and instead, stuck true to my vision.

What is that one strong approach women must follow, in order to achieve full financial and emotional freedom?

What a great question. I think one strong approach women must follow is always asking “What would the Queen within do?” or “What’s the most Queenly way to handle this situation?” or, “How would a Queen speak?” The Queen is your highest self, your best self, your most evolved self, your most spiritually connected self and so as long as each of us are getting out of our ego, out of our own way, out of our need to be right or out of our fear of being wrong, we can receive every opportunity to define and develop what it means for each of us to be Queen. That is what this book teaches. There’s no one way to be Queen, it’s about how each of us can develop the Queen that lives in every woman.

How do you create a balance between your work as an entrepreneur, speaker, author, and a leader?

I don’t really believe in balance. I don’t know that I create balance and I don’t even seek balance. I’m an extremist, personally, so I work hard, I play hard. I have deep periods of rest. I have intense periods of work, so I personally really like the variety. So instead of balance what I do seek is variety, meaning if I’ve had a very intense time on a particular work project, then I will make sure there is space for rest and rejuvenation. If there are things I’m doing that feel like a lot of work, I will make sure there’s a lot of play. The variety is what fuels me, sustains me, and helps me stay healthy and happy and continuously evolving.

What is your take on ‘more women in entrepreneurial roles’? What does women’s empowerment mean to you?

Being the leader of a women’s empowerment organization and having worked with women on starting and launching businesses over the past 20 years, and knowing the statistics that women are starting businesses at twice the rate as men, my take is that it’s happening! It’s here, it’s now. Women are really getting that they have access to the global marketplace from their living rooms, from their pajamas, and they’re seizing what’s available. Women’s empowerment means that every woman is developing the Queen within and seeking to be that Queen on a daily basis. Our power is already there, sometimes it needs to be cultivated and developed, and sometimes a woman needs to give herself permission to do so.

Give us one takeaway from the book.

Everything is happening for you, not to you.

What advice would you like to give to coming of age female entrepreneurs and authors?

Do it, do it, do it. And go for it, go for it, go for it. You know they always say it’s never the right time to start a business. And the best business ideas have never come from just dreaming up an idea. They come from doing the work. Someone had an idea, moved it forward, and kept moving it forward and it became something, not from trying to think of the perfect idea, but from actually doing it and being in the work. The work will end up informing you. In terms of authors, the same thing. Start writing. When I wrote my book proposal, I had the idea that my book would take a certain tone and even have certain content in it. The book took on a life and voice of its own, which was a real joy to discover. So I think we have to get out of our heads and into the world. We can’t just sit around and think things up or think we have to come up with the perfect idea. Spirit will lead you. If you show up, it will meet you there.

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