Autistic Pride Day: How COVID-19 Impacted Children with Autism

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With the outbreak of the novel coronavirus last year, many parts of the world were forced into a lockdown and the lives of millions across the globe were impacted by the COVID-19. While the virus created a health emergency, the lockdown forced by it brought various other issues for people. The lockdowns proved to be a very difficult phase for many of us, but the problems and hardships faced by children, especially the ones dealing with autism, have been very huge.

As we celebrate Autistic Pride Day 2021 on June 18 to raise awareness about the right of people dealing with autism, we also look at various impacts caused by the COVID-19 pandemic on children dealing with autism. With the schools and care centres being forced to close by lockdowns, the lives of these children went through a change that they were not even expecting.

Impact of COVID-19 on children with autism

The closure of schools and other care centres brought new challenges for the people taking care of children dealing with autism. These children now had very less physical activity and longer exposure to smartphone screens for online classes, bringing in irregular sleep rhythms and other physical problems.

Lack of face-to-face interaction with their classmate and teachers has severely affected their development process and may contribute to greater psychological problems for them in future.

Suspension of physical speech therapy and social skill course forced by the lockdowns may impact their basic skill developments.

Children with autism who have been living in isolated setup during the lockdowns are more likely to develop acute stress disorder, adjustment disorders, and to feel sad.

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