How an average and backbencher person is helping the society?


When you read a story that begins with, “Are Backbenchers or an Average student in the Classroom the future Bill Gates of India?”. It sounds catchy, doesn’t it? Or, something like, “Genius does what it must, and talent does what it can”. This sounds exciting and inspirational. Read on to understand why I say like this….

Since the time immoral it is perceived that morning shows the day. A child who is bright has a great future. Even in a typical classroom, the frontbenchers are believed to be serious students and they hold the permit for a great future ahead. On the flip side, those who sit at the back are called backbenchers and success is least expected from them. People and parents do not have very high hopes. When you look at the results during exams, the frontbenchers comes up with great results while the backbenchers perform poorly. 

But, this is a lopsided view. This is just one side of the story. When we look at the other side of the coin, some of the successful entrepreneurs were backbenchers in school. While the frontbenchers excel greatly as intellectuals and become employees in good companies. Some of the backbenchers became employers while the frontbenchers became their employees. Today, I will tell you a similar story.

My Career Progression – Rise of a phoenix

In 2017, Gulrez Alam, an honest person who planned every day of his life with diligence to succeed. Initially, he was clueless about his future. He was not sure of his next step in life. He tried his hand at various things. After lots of deliberation and brainstorming, one day an idea came up with an idea of starting up a website. He along with one of his good friend Badshah Ansari started a website named The main motive for this website was to provide the candidates with the accurate and authentic information about the various openings in the government sector. This site was also created to spread awareness among the people. This, in turn, helps society.

I was duped several times while searching for the government jobs online”, Gulrez himself reveals, about his experience.  This was due to fake websites. Many of my friends also felt the same. And then I realized that this is because the shortage of information. And I decided to launch a website to bridge this gap. The idea germinated in the form of This website has served millions of students since its inception. It is helping job seekers all over the country and continues to gain popularity with each passing day. 

On Left Md Gulrez Alam And On Right Md Badshah Ansari

Sarkari Naukri Ind is one of the most reliable websites for Job search. Those who are seeking government jobs in India. This helps in applying for all kinds of Govt. Jobs in high companies across the country. It will help visitors to get jobs in great firms in government sectors across India. In the world of free access to the internet, the website offers job update, educational updates and how to crack competitive exam videos for free to all ages. It is very useful and has helped many youths shape their future. The website also share information on all social media platform like pinterest, facebook and twitter. Their aim is to guiding them towards bright future.

Services provided by Sarkarinaukri

  • Government job updates.
  • Videos on how to crack jobs
  • CBSE and State Board and University Exam updates.
  • Free Mock Test for the students.
  • Free Educational and Motivational videos 
  • Inspirational stories 
  • Monthly current affairs
  • Updates on social and educational events.

Inside story of the Founder

Hear it from Md Gulrez Alam as he says, Nothing was easy. The competition was very tough. There were various sites providing information. After so many famous websites with big brands present, even after not providing the appropriate information those websites were excelling in all aspects. I lost all my hopes of helping society with the updated news. As nothing was alone in my hands to come out excelling the big brands. I would not call all defining moments as an absolute success but as moments of fulfillment that remind me that I am doing something good 

According to him, situations pushed him to take a leap of faith and moved him to do something new. Today he runs many companies that focus on bringing drastic change in society. is a dream he envisioned with his friend Badshah Ansari.

Let’s hear it from the co-owner of the website. 

As Mr. Md Badshah Ansari says, When I was working, I was happy but not 100% sure that I will get my due money on time and have a functional life. Also there was no thrill in it. I always knew my calling was different and the words, ‘founder/owner’ carried in them the dream I always had. Being an average student I have always dreamt of being the owner and did not wish to work as an employee. So I believe I could do something big, and I did.

According to the co-owner he says, while there are a number of websites that provide similar services Mr. Badshah says, does not consider anyone as competitor. He believes that’s biggest competitor would be the company itself because it will try to put new benchmark for itself and strive to get better and bigger each year.

This is an inspiring story which will influence thousands of minds. Stay tuned with us for more such inspirations.

Journey So Far

The journey so far was not a smooth ride. We have faced a lot of hardships. We actually wanted the students to get motivate and feel free to approach. The main motive was to start up with the uniqueness of one of the most trusted websites. While it is self-funded, it was very difficult for us to work but we believe in our abilities and continue to make headway. Our self-determination helps us to achieve millions of subscribers and love and support from all. Keep showering your love and support to us. So that we help others shine brighter.

Thanks for reading!

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