The number one way to prevent family arguments before your holiday has been revealed

Danielle Fowler
Freelance Writer
The number one way to swerve family arguments on holiday has been revealed [Photo: Getty]

School’s out and a number of families are set to embark upon their annual summer getaway in the coming weeks.

But with long car journeys, shared suitcases and early starts ahead - arguments are sure to leave parents in despair before they’ve even left the house.

Thankfully, psychologist Linda Blair has revealed the ultimate secret to preventing screaming matches - catching up on sleep before the holiday itself.

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Blair emphasises that the run-up to a holiday often leave families “shattered” and “emotionally fragile” with parents desperate to tie up loose ends at work and finish any last-minute packing the night before.

According to the author, it can take up to four days to fully unwind before departure - so you best get napping now.

Whether you're travelling by train, car or plane - arguments are inevitable [Photo: Getty]

While a lack of personal space is also likely to leave families in a similar position to Christmas with everyone cooped up together whether that’s in a boxy caravan or cosy hotel room.

“If you crowd any mammals, they get aggressive," she warns.

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If you’re planning to travel with teenagers this summer then she also recommends ditching the secret itinerary tucked away in your suitcase.

To avoid sparking an argument, Blair says you shouldn’t over-organise the family getaway. "They don't always have to see the cathedral," she emphasises.

Oh and whatever you do, make sure to leave Monopoly at home. It’s just not worth it.

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