Avoid These Food Items For Healthy Kidneys

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The kidneys are one of the most important organs in the human body. Their main purpose is to filter out the blood. But they also undertake other functions such as maintaining the mineral level in the body. All human beings need healthy kidneys for a disease-free life. A proper diet plan can help all to have healthy kidneys and prevent many ailments. However, there are some food items which if consumed in excess can cause damage to the kidneys.

Here is a list of food items one should avoid to prevent any kidney-related ailments.

1. Avoid consuming soda in excess. The drink contains phosphorus in a high quantity which can cause damage to the kidneys.

2. Avoid eating preserved food that contains high sodium.

3. The consumption of whole wheat bread should be at a bare minimum.

4. Brown rice can also be harmful to the kidneys. It’s rich in phosphorus and sodium.

5. Excess potassium in the body can also have adverse effects on the kidneys. Banana has a high potassium level. Same is the case with tomatoes which are also rich in potassium.

6. Orange can also cause harm to the kidney. Not only orange but other citric fruits like grapes, blueberries should also be avoided by people going through kidney problems.

7. Processed meat also contains high amounts of salt and protein which are harmful to the kidneys.

8. Potatoes should also be avoided by kidney patients.

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