Ayesha Takia: I Have Never Called Anyone For Work, Including Salman Khan

Ayesha Takia, who stepped away from the limelight post her marriage to Farhan Azmi, is gearing up to make a comeback on the silver screen with Borivali Ka Bruce Lee.

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Ayesha Takia's Hot Picture

During her time away from Bollywood, the actress turned entrepreneur and also enjoyed being a hands-on mom to 3-year-old Mikail. Ask her if she stayed in touch with friends from the industry, and she tells SpotboyE.com, “I am not a social person. I live in my bubble and do my own thing. I am normally hanging out with my family or very close friends that are not necessarily related to the film industry. I am not a party person, so I am not seen out there meeting a million people. If someone who I really know well enough calls me for something, of course I would go and wish them well.”

One of Ayesha Takia’s most noted films include Wanted which starred Salman Khan opposite her. The duo’s chemistry coupled with a popular soundtrack made it a memorable one. So will she ever call the superstar and discuss a project with him? “I have never picked up the phone and called anyone my whole career and I will never do it,” she opines.

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Salman Khan And Ayesha Takia In A Song From Wanted

However, she is quick to elaborate that she will always be available if someone reaches out to her. “I would always have communication with anyone who reaches out to me. If someone calls me as a friend, I would be open to that. I have just not been a person to go out there for work, so I will never do that. I have been really blessed to have a very successful business life and I am doing awesomely well. I don’t have to do a million things in show business. I will do things that I enjoy, love and when people watch they will not be bored.”

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Salman Khan & Ayesha Takia In A Romantic Pose From Wanted 

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