Ayush Soni on How Content Production Brought Financial Success

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When living costs continue to go up and income opportunities don’t follow, landing an economically rewarding career feels like a fleeting luxury. Hence, it is common sense to seek the kind of career that can provide alleviation from financial struggles. One creative professional, Ayush Soni, shares how he discovered that, and so much more, through freelancing.

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Ayush is a creative producer and content creator who shifted to freelance work several years ago. After moving to the United States, he found that getting by would be difficult on standard means of employment alone. He realized that he could be his own boss and start a creative agency that could help companies tell their stories better through film. That realization would bring to life his career in creative content development and video production.

More than anything, Soni is most passionate about film. He picked up a degree at KC College in Mumbai and studied Mass Communication and Media Studies from 2013 to 2016. He then proceeded to gain a Master’s degree in Producing at the New York Film Academy. After investing in a higher level of education, he went to work and put his learnings and passion to the test by diving headfirst into the industry.

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Soni has remained busy with film work, as his freelance career has given him both creative freedom and entrepreneurial success. He loves being able to work on various projects and run his agency on his own terms. The producer and filmmaker advocates for freelancing, as he’s quick to share the many benefits it can bring to a creative professional, especially on the financial end. He loves to share tips with creatives on his social media channels on getting more clients and picking up work that matters to them.

At the heart of the creator’s work is a love for stories. “I love the art of storytelling,” he says. “I focus mostly on stories that matter to me and leave a great impact on viewers.” He goes on to talk about how it has allowed him to affect many people through the powerful stories of people’s lives. For Soni , storytelling is more than a hobby or profession. It’s a powerful tool that can alter societies and start movements for change.

Through the years, Soni has successfully built a strong reputation as a producer and director. He’s worked on various commercial films for companies like Ford, Lyft, Mahindra, Skechers, Nike and Vogue, to name a few. He has also worked on several documentaries that shed light on important issues, such as honor killings and the rising problem of pedophilia in society. His work has brought him many awards and recognition in international film festivals, including multiple awards for his short film entitled Benjamin & Fighter.

“Benjamin won Los Angeles Film Festival and European Cinematography awards”

Ayush Soni hopes to be an inspiration to people in the film and content world and share his knowledge and experience to help others who are only just starting to build their careers. Currently, he resides in New York City, where he continues to thrive as a creative and a producer. He hopes to make it to the big screen one day, but for now, he’s more than grateful for the opportunities he has received.

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