Ayushmann Khurrana's Bala Will Be Taken To High Court Tomorrow To Stall Its Release: Not A Bald Dhamki This!- EXCLUSIVE

Maker of Bala's arch rival Ujda Chaman (both based on premature baldness) is like a cat on a hot tinned roof. Kumar Mangat is filing a case against Bala, seeking a stay order on its release. It's all happening tomorrow. 

We were the FIRST to get you Kumar's rattled reaction when Dinesh Vijan moved heaven and hell to move his Bala not just a week ahead to clash with Ujda Chaman but even an extra day. As we stand today, Bala is expected to hit theatres on Nov 7 while Ujda Chaman finds itself on Nov 8. 

Confirming that he is headed to High Court tomorrow, Mangat told SpotboyE EXCLUSIVELY a few minutes ago, "Yes, main kal Court ja raha hoon."

bala ujdachaman
bala ujdachaman

Elaborating that Vijan and dealt an unfair blow on him, Mangat reiterated, "They should not have brought their film on the same date as mine."

Mangat's grouse also laments from the fact that his Ujda Chaman is an official remake of the Kannada hit Ondu Motteya Kathe whose rights were bought, while Bala is allegedly a copyright violation which he sees as many scenes similar to the ones in his product and also an idea lifted from writer Kamal Kant's concept, who also had raised his voice- not too long ago - against Bala by filing a case against Vijan and Ayushmann.

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