Baahubali’s Kattappa aka Sathyaraj’s daughter Divya stands up against medical malpractices and proves she is a hero just like her father

karthika raveendran
Kattappa's real life duaghter, Divya takes a stand against medical malpractices and you will be impressed.

When it comes to films, we are never falling short of heroes, but what about those who are just as heroic when the cameras are not rolling? We know of one such personality who happens to be a big Tamil actor’s daughter. We are talking about Divya Sathyaraj, the daughter of the Kattappa aka Sathyaraj! As per reports on India Today, she wrote a letter to the PM Narendra Modi revealing some shocking secrets of Pharmaceutical companies. She also requested the PM to take action against them as they were reportedly threatening her.

Certain US Pharma companies were forcing her to prescribe their products. But on close study and examination, Divya Sathyaraj, a nutritionist by profession, found out that certain ingredients could cause live damage and vision blur, Thta’s when she refused to prescribe the particular medicines. But the pharma companies didn’t give in that easily, they decided to threaten her with the ‘political approach’. She also asked the PM who would protect the middle class form these doctor who indulged in malpractice. Her daring act has obviously had us impressed. Just like her father Sathyaraj’s character – Kattappa, she is not afraid! She is just as heroic as her father. She has clearly proved she is Kattappa’s daughter.

For those who don’t know, Sathyaraj played – Kattappa, a powerful, royal slave to Baahubali in SS Rajamouli’s historical drama. The actor went to becopme famous worldwide, so much they know as Kattappa more than Sathyaraj. Apart from Baahubali, his was another character that garnered fame on a global scale. This is one character, fans will always associate with the actor, especially when the second part was all about answering the most asked question – Why Kattappa Killed Baahubali? If Sathyaraj wasn’t famous enough now we have her daughter taking on the bad guys head on!