Baba Sehgal's Hindi version of 'Senorita' is hilarious yet catchy

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Baba Sehgal
Baba Sehgal

27 Jun 2021: Baba Sehgal's Hindi version of 'Senorita' is hilarious yet catchy

Baba Sehgal is what you need this weekend! Netizens' favorite rapper recently treated fans with a Hindi version of Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello's Senorita. He called the desi track Sarita. While the lyrics and the three Sehgals in the video are hilarious, the song is quite catchy. Sharing the video on Twitter, he wrote, "For you it's Señorita but for me it's Sarita."

Lyrics: Lyrics are the winner of Sehgal's video

The video begins with three Sehgals, two on the left and right while one is present in the middle "digitally." The trio then decides to perform Sarita and its lyrics are precious. "Rakha hai teri mom ne naam Sarita, likhi hai maine tere liye kavita (Your mom named you Sarita, I have written a poem for you)," this is the catchy signature line.

Fact: Watch video of 'Sarita' by Sehgal here

Reactions: 'Sarita' video is going viral on social media

Sehgal's video is going viral on social media; it received over 5.5K likes, 783 retweets, and 233 comments so far. Fans are praising the rapper and thanking him for making such songs. A fan wrote, "It's been a long time since I heard such a fine song from u," while another said, "Will never be able to listen to Senorita the same way again."

About: 'Senorita' was a sensual song that became a hit

We agree with fans' reactions that one cannot look at Mendes and Cabello's Senorita the same way after listening to Sarita. Senorita became the top choice in everyone's playlist in the year 2019 and it was a sensual song with steamy visuals. Now, coming back to Sehgal's version, his song is also about wooing Sarita, but on a whole different level.

Opinion: Nobody can do what Sehgal does

Sehgal introduced the country to Hindi rap with his '90s albums and made it look cool at parties. Now, the celebrity is known for his social media posts that are filled with hilarious content. While he didn't stop doing what he loves, Sehgal created raps differently. They are funny yet entertaining. And his fans will agree that nobody can ever do what he does.

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