Babil Recalls 'Funny True Story' of How He Distracted Crowds on Irrfan Khan's Film Set

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Irrfan Khan left the world on April 29 and his family has been happily living with his memories ever since. In his latest Instagram post, son Babil Khan recalled an incident when he diverted the attention of the crowd to help his dad continue the shoot without disturbance.

In his post, Babil described exactly how he helped his dad and the crew members to finish the shoot with his guitar playing skills. As he revealed, the incident took place during the shoot of Irrfan’s movie Qarib Qarib Singlle, where he starred opposite Parvathy Thiruvothu. The film shoot was taking place in Sikkim, and given the stature of Irrfan, the crowd was all around the location.

“Soon after a few takes, it started seeming impossible to shoot the sequence. So, Tanuja ma’am (director Tanuja Chandra) handed me a guitar and said go 100m away and start performing. She called out a loud “PACK UP!” for the crowd to hear and then I started singing with the guitar and the crowd dissipated towards this new divertissement,” Babil explained.

Needless to say, Babil’s skills and Tanuja’s plan helped the crew shoot in natural light sans the crowd. Babil also called it an experience that can be used by other filmmakers as well.

While concluding the post, he also had a piece of advice as he wrote, “The sad truth is most of the times our politics and selected news and media outlets that control information being distributed to our people also are running a similar divertissement.”

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This is one of the many posts by Babil, reliving the good old days in the presence of his dad. Meanwhile, Babil recently returned to the UK after the lockdown restriction eased a little.