Baby Boy Growth Chart Month On Month (12 Months)

Baby Boy Growth Chart Month On Month (12 Months)

From the day you find out that you have conceived, to the day your baby is born, and for all the years to come thereon, you are extra careful about your little one and everything related to them. And why shouldn't you be? While these balls of love bring immense joy, they are also delicate and ought to be taken care of well. We understand this concern of yours and how you worry about their timely development among other factors. Therefore, in this article, we aim to give you a rundown on the baby growth chart for your baby boy month on  month, so that you know what to expect. However, bear in mind that every baby has a different development rate, so there is nothing to worry about if your baby is ahead or a little behind the chart by a month or two.

Baby Boy Growth Chart (0-12 months)

When you check online, you would find most of these development charts following a percentile system. But what is that and how does one read that chart?

A percentile is a statistical measure which gives a value below which a fixed percentage of observations fall. E.g., the 35th percentile is the value below which 35% of the observations lie. Therefore, the percentile in terms of a baby's growth and development is the number which indicates what your baby's stance is in comparison with other babies of similar age. The higher the developmental percentile is, the more developed your baby is when compared to others his age and vice versa. In the image below, the 3rd and the 97th percentile have been referred to as min and max, respectively, for every month. This is the range within which a baby's growth and development is considered normal.

(This baby boy growth chart is made in accordance with the IAP or Indian Pediatric  Academy standards)


Your baby would be able to recognize voices and cry when hungry. He won’t be able to see clearly and you would just be a hazy figure to him.

2nd Month

The vision gets clearer and your baby can now see you from a small distance. You will see your 1-month-old staring at you and others constantly. He would now respond to sounds and smile occasionally.

3rd Month

Your baby would smile and gurgle more frequently now. As indicated in the baby boy growth chart, he would have gained around 2 kg more from his birth weight. He would be more active during the day and would have a more definite sleep routine. He would be able to imitate your facial expressions and cry out for you when hungry.

4th Month

Your baby would have started turning and would try pushing up when lying in the stomach down position. By now he would have started or would be trying to rotate to this position by himself. He will begin learning to grab things and would be more playful.

5th Month

He would get better control over objects that he picks up and will be able to transfer them from one hand to the other with ease. He would try to move around a bit. His neck would have also become steadier, but it would still need your support when held to prevent injuries. He would have learned to cry for you when you are out of sight.

6th Month

He will be able to roll over both sides now. He would try to reach things farther from his reach. The little one can start to babble and would try to imitate your words. Your baby would squeal and make happy sounds when you play peek-a-boo.

7th Month

Your baby would have started to move around by either crawling or by pushing his stomach on the ground (swimming movement). He would get more social and learn more complex emotions like anger. He would respond to you when he is called by his name. He would now be able to use his fingers and thumb more efficiently.

8th Month

By now, your baby would be able to sit without support and would try to hold onto things and walk. He would be able to speak simple words like “mama”, “dada”, and “papa”.

9th Month



Your baby would now have depth perception, meaning he would be able to see everything in 3-dimension. He would stand with support and move around the house freely. He will understand small commands and will respond to your tone. You can expect his lateral incisors and central incisors to sprout anytime now.

10th Month

His legs would get stronger now and he would try to walk without holding onto things. He would also understand and exhibit signs of anger, sadness, and happiness.

11th Month

His dexterity at handling small and minute things would increase. He would easily remember familiar faces and show anxiety around strangers.

12th Month


walking Baby

He would be able to walk independently without any support now. Your boy would be able to use is index finger to touch things and would display better hand-eye coordination. He would have added more words to his vocabulary by now and would understand long commands. As shown in the above baby boy growth chart, your baby should have ideally tripled his birth weight by his first birthday.

Parting Thoughts

It is very thrilling for every parent to see their little one achieve every developmental milestone, however small it may be. These milestones are not a means to stress you but are meant to help you check on your baby's wellbeing. Hence, your approach towards it must not be to check off every item in this baby boy growth chart but to enjoy it as it comes. Do get a medical consultation if deemed necessary.