Baby Girl Killed by Pet Cat Who Fell Asleep on Her Face While She Slept

In a tragic incident, a baby girl was suffocated to death in Ukraine after the family's pet cat fell asleep on her face while she was napping in her pram.

9-month-old was napping inside her pram in her 22-year-old mother Snezhana's house in a village outside of Kiev. The pram was in the backyard while the mother was finishing her chores.

At some point, one of the family's two pet cats apparently climbed inside the pram, unbeknownst to the mother. The cat sat on top of the sleeping baby's face and dozed off. When the mother came to check on Alexandra, she found the baby's face buried under the cat's

When the mother tried to wake the baby up, she realised Alexandra was not breathing. According to a report in Daily Mail, the woman called for paramedics who tried for 40 minutes to resuscitate the baby. However, the baby had been clinically dead even before they arrived.

Police have not charged the mother with negligence. What became of the cat is as yet unknown.

This is not the first time that a baby has been killed by a pet cat.

In December 2000, a six-week-old baby died in Kingsteignton, Devon after the family cat fell asleep on the baby. In another incident, a month-old baby was killed after a pet cat crawled inside the baby's pram and fell asleep on the infant in Zlatoust, Russia.