Baby seal rescued from the North Sea by tourist boat skippers after getting lost from its mother

Joe Gamp
Contributor, Yahoo News UK
The female seal pup was saved from drowning in the North Sea (PA)

A two-day-old seal pup was saved from drowning after she was rescued in the North Sea by a tourist boat.

The pup, who was separated from her mother, is believed to be the first born this season at the Farne Islands, off the coast of Northumberland.

Skippers William McPhee and Andrew Weightman saved the pup from certain death (PA)

Skippers William McPhee and Andrew Weightman, of Billy Shiel’s Farne Island Boats, were taking 19 sight seers on a tour of the islands when they spotted the pup off South Scarcar Island.

The pup’s white fur gave no protection from the cold North Sea. Baby seal pups are completely dependent on their mothers.

Mr McPhee got his boat alongside and Mr Weightman tried to bring her on board with a net they use to pick up plastic.

However, the cute pup had enough energy to resist being netted.

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But Mr McPhee said that on a second attempt, the 8kg pup was motionless in the water and close to drowning.

They got her on board and the seal, now named Macca after the skipper’s nickname, was breathing badly after inhaling seawater.


The little pup is now making a recovery and gaining energy.

Mr McPhee said: “You could tell her lungs were full as some milky-looking stuff was coming out.

“We got her wrapped up in a towel and she started breathing a bit better.

The pup was named Macca after Skipper William McPhee's nickname (PA)

“She did look very rough when we picked her up.”

A Tynemouth Seal Rescue Unit spokesman said: “She would certainly have drowned if not for the quick thinking and efforts of William and Andrew.”