Baby's day out- The ultimate guide to baby travel

Manveen Dua
Baby's day out- The ultimate guide to baby travel

Before my son was born, I was an avid traveler. From camping in the Himalayas to backpacking across Europe to spending the entire day in the souks of Dubai, my husband and I loved traveling. When my little one came along, a lot of these plans were altered. For a while, it seemed like seeing the world may be off limits. But somehow, my husband and I couldn’t hold back. So with the right kind of guidance and preparations, we continued to travel and do till date!

Like all new moms, for me too, traveling with a baby was unfamiliar territory especially when it came to packing the baby gear. Of course, I wanted to carry the entire home along. I was so unsure about what I would need when and where! But I knew this was not possible as there are always constraints of space and weight. Over a period of time, with some sound advice from fellow traveling moms and my own personal experiences, I have managed to prioritize the things I absolutely must carry. The rest; well they just have to wait at home till I return!

So here is a list of absolute ‘Must Have’ things in the travel bag!

The Pacifier
If you are on a flight, your baby is a little fussy or simply likes to suckle, the pacifier can be a  lifesaver!  

Alternate pair of clothes
You can’t skip this one! From diaper leakages to spillages to any accident that might occur, a separate pair of clothes is a must have!

This is quite obvious and is usually the first thing that moms pack! Always put in a few extra. And soft diapers during travel always makes it even more comfortable for the baby. 

A good changing mat is necessary for me when it comes to resting my baby’s delicate bum unfamiliar and perhaps, unclean table tops of diaper stations at airports or other public places. Plus, cleaning soiled surface tops due to spillages from the diaper can be quite an inconvenience. So I always carry the Teddyy Changing Mats. These are disposable, comfortable and made from anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic formulas. Their soft and spongy feel are a very welcoming change from the regular coarse plastic mats that come attached to diaper bags. Also since these are disposable, it totally saves me the hassle of washing, drying and repacking a soiled mat into my diaper bag. Precious minutes saved on a holiday I’d say!!

So if you are traveling sometime soon, be sure to order your set of ‘easy to use’ and ‘convenient’ Teddyy Changing Mats here.



Take it from experience- wet wipes are useful for more than just wiping the baby’s potty-bum! So carry enough depending on how many days you are going to be away from home. A lot of non-synthetic brands with no-fragrance or alcohol are available in the market now. So choose well.

Formula and breastfeeding

If you are breastfeeding, make sure you have your breast pads. When I discontinued breastfeeding for  medical reasons, pre-filled formula dispenser was a blessing. It could carry formula up to 3 feeds and saved me the hassle of carrying the entire can.  Depending on how long you’ll be out also carrying clean, sterilized bottles with you and a flask of water.

Mealtime supplies

Feeding on the go cannot be avoided. What you carry for your baby truly depends on your personal preferences. For my son, I always carried a jar or two of my favorite brand of ready to eat fruit and vegetable purees, a small bowl, a spoon, and some water. I always carry along a zip-lock of few snacks such puffed rice, some fox nuts or some dry fruits. 

My own personal things

I prefer not to carry a separate bag for my belongings. I add my wallet and basic make-up to my baby’s diaper bag making it one lesser piece of luggage to worry about.

I hope this helps you to continue your travels. With you by their side, let your children learn about different cultures across the world, the smell of the world, the taste of what’s around them, the joy of being around different people.