'Bachelor' alum Amanda Stanton faces backlash for driving from L.A. to Arizona to get her hair done

Suzy Byrne
Editor, Yahoo Entertainment

Amanda Stanton, of The Bachelor fame, drove from L.A. to Arizona and back to get her hair done this week — approximately 12 hours roundtrip — and is facing backlash over it.

It started when the reality star shared a photo of her rejuvenated locks and said it was the work of hairstylist Chrissy Rasmussen. It’s still a few weeks until hair salons are allowed to reopen in California, so Stanton drove to Rasmussen’s new salon — with daughter Kinsley in tow — in Gilbert, Ariz.., for her glam.

In an Instagram Story, she explained that she “drove very very far” to get to the salon and “may have peed on the side of a dirt road because I’m scared to use public restrooms.” That said, she noted, “It was worth it” because she feels “like a new person.”

(Screenshot: Amanda Stanton via Instagram)

While there were plenty of commenters who could relate — how is your hair looking these days? — the mom of two was criticized by others, including one person who called her “vain” for choosing “beauty over health.” That led her to further explain her decision.

(Screenshot: Amanda Stanton via Instagram)

Stanton wrote that she has been staying at home since March 14 and “I haven’t even gone to the grocery store.” Because she hasn’t had her hair done since January and Rasmussen opened a new salon, she felt comfortable going.

(Screenshot: Amanda Stanton via Instagram)

“There were only a few people in the salon ... and I knew every single person ... very well... Not a single person in there was a stranger,” she said, likely referring to fellow Bachelor star and friend Corinne Olympios, who also had her hair done by Rasmussen. (For what it’s worth, the majority of commenters simply told Olympios she looked beautiful.)

Stanton went on to say that she had a COVID-19 test prior to taking the road trip — and she plans to quarantine now that she’s back in L.A.

“Some might think this is going to great lengths to get my hair done but honestly I have nothing else to do,” she wrote. And having to isolate for a few weeks is “something I am willing to do. To each their own!”

She also pointed out that people have been flying, hanging out in groups “and doing much worse and not receiving any hate.”

On Tuesday night, Stanton wrote on Instagram that she was “really affected by some of the backlash” over her hair appointment.

(Screenshot: Amanda Stanton via Instagram)

She added that, “Aside from the backlash ... I feel so much better now that I got my hair done and Kins had the best day ever at the hair salon. She told me, ‘This almost feels like a normal day’ and it made my heart cry happy tears.”

(Screenshot: Amanda Stanton via Instagram)

Hair salons in California are expected to open in the coming weeks, Gov. Gavin Newsom said. Salons in Arizona reopened earlier this month in a limited capacity.

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