Badla Review: Amitabh Bachchan And Taapsee Pannu Proves That Talent And Script Is Above Everything

Pallavi Mukherjee

Badla releases today and coming back together is Taapsee Pannu and Amitach Bachchan after Pink as Naina Sethi and Badal Gupta.

Before we start reviewing the movie, how many of us believe the truth we see and hear than what it is in real? Well, truth is something that can be manipulated and presented and Badla plays around this very fact.

Not giving away much, will try to sum up this review with just making it believable to our readers why and how brilliant is Sujoy Ghosh with his script.

Naina Sethi (Taapsee Pannu) is charged of murder of her alleged boyfriend Arjun. Amidst all this, she looses her family, who abandon her because she is charged with Murder. Comes to her rescue is this lawyer, who is a specialist in forming and preparing the witness, Badal Gupta (Amitabh Bachchan).

Two main protagonist, one house and a brilliant plot. We have limited dishes but the taste of it is what we loved a lot.

What is Badla all about ?

Badla focusses on details. Not just the story but even in the elements of film making. Starting with cinematography, the amount of attention paid to detailing is just brilliant. The whodunit story goes back and forth and comes out with a different perspective for the viewers everytime.

The story pace is neither too fast nor too slow. There are moments for viewers to absorb and get into the character’s mind so that they believe and get carried away with them. The job is done there.

Though there are few major predictable plot twists, the actual climax is something that might startle few and might make few wonder, how was that even possible ?

taapsee pannu badla
taapsee pannu badla

What we really loved:

The plot, the screen play is done with extreme attention to details. There wasn’t a moment when it became dull or boring, it kept the audience in loop with the story. The best thing a thriller can do is instigate the viewers to constantly think about what’s gonna be next, who is what and what the characters are upto. In short, Badla makes the audience to guess what’s gonna happen next and there it surely strikes the right chords.

Taapsee Pannu is effortlessly real, raw and a smooth actress. Not even at one point it felt that Taapsee is trying too hard to be Naina. It felt like Taapsee is Naina and such conviction is hard to achieve in a movie like Badla because your character has very little scope of showcasing the characteristics traits of a personality, it is more about reacting and conversing and that is why it was by far one of her best performance. Sharing screen with Amitabh Bachchan and matching upto his level is something Taapsee is now a pro at and we ain’t complaining. She nailed it and it was a treat to watch her performance.

Amitabh Bachchan, the megastar was no megastar in here. He was Badal Gupta, the lawyer and well, he indeed played the part with such finesse. What! body language, his eye movements, sarcastic smiles and the intense look, he made everything look strategically real and brilliant. With his rawness intact and that persona , we really think Amitabh Bachchan’s talent needs no validation of words more than this.

Amrita Singh, from that Punjabi mother to playing this strong mother in the movie. We can’t reveal much about her character but knowing the kind of actress she is, all we wanna say is that she is usual brilliant. Her performance remains top notch as usual.

Manav Kaul has a limited role but he played his part well too.


Sound editing, cinematography, screenplay are three most strongest point of Badla. Editing was also good. The VFX at certain places seemed a bit unreal but that can be easily passed off as it was not major loophole to the plot.

Watch it or not?

This is surely one time watch. It is not mindless thriller, keeps you hooked to the story and gives you thrills with it’s plot twist and it is a delight to watch some top notch performances on the big screen with brilliance of Sujoy Ghosh’s direction.


We give Badla 4 Stars out of 5


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