Badshah's 'Paani Paani' review: Jacqueline Fernandez sizzles, but rapper fizzles

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09 Jun 2021: Badshah's 'Paani Paani' review: Jacqueline Fernandez sizzles, but rapper fizzles

Rapper Badshah's music video Paani Paani, featuring Jacqueline Fernandez, is out now on YouTube. Shot in exotic Indian locales of Rajasthan, the video has gained over 4 lakh views within hours of its release. This marks Badshah and Fernandez's second collaboration after the superhit Genda Phool. Fernandez, as always, is brilliant with her dance moves, but Badshah is an abomination. Here's our review.

Song: Badshah's lyrics are getting non-sensical by the minute!

Whenever you think Badshah cannot get worse with his lyrics, he proves you gloriously wrong! Sample this, "Glass pada hai khali bharegi kya, Saath aye launde se daregi kya." No matter how much I'd like to reason why these were written at all, and then shared with us, I cannot. So Badshah needs to improve his vocabulary. Someone give him a dictionary, ASAP.

Music: Go easy on that auto-tune, will ya Badshah?

The DJ Waley Babu rapper is still suffering from the 'I'll-overly-auto-tune' syndrome. Paani Paani offers nothing different. It's apparent that the success, even his most mediocre tracks get, has made him stop trying altogether to come up with anything new. He is re-hashing his own music, which is great from the copyright POV (Point of View), but not so much from the creative POV.

Positives: Fernandez's moves, Aastha Gill's voice salvage the video somewhat

The hook line and female voice has been given by Aastha Gill. Honestly good, and a pleasurable ear-worm; it's the rap that is the downfall. Fernandez and her moves are on-point. She looks breathtaking in every frame, and dances like a dream. The production makes the most of the beautiful locales and elaborate sets, which ultimately ups the aesthetics quotient of the video.

Verdict: Watch this one, on mute, only for Fernandez; big miss

This one could have been a great track to hum, only if Badshah was omitted. Fernandez replicates what she did in Genda Phool: Looks ravishing, moves stunningly and even tries to scorch up some on-screen chemistry with Badshah. Unfortunately, Badshah also replicates what he did there, by inserting vague lyrics in the name of rap. Verdict: Can watch this one on mute for Fernandez.

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