The Baffling Confusion Over Family Man Season 2 Release Date-EXCLUSIVE

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Why did Amazon mislead a fan who asked about the streaming date for The Family Man Season 2, stating that it would stream as per schedule (on February 12) when in fact the release date had been postponed due to the controversies surrounding Amazon’s Mirzapur and Tandav?

Raj and DK the talented co-directors of The Family Man 2 had to refute Amazon's claim by putting out a counter-statement stating that their series had indeed been postponed to summer 2021.


The contradictory statements giving two different “facts” about the streaming date could have easily been avoided. On further probing a source close to the development told me, “This is a classic instance of the right hand not knowing what the left is doing, or more likely, pretending not to know. When the streaming date for The Family Man 2 had clearly been moved forward, Amazon’s PR team could have easily avoided this embarrassment for itself by not playing the deceitful diplomatic game on Twitter.”T

No matter what, the damage is now done, with the faux pas over the streaming data being seen as a symptom of friction and lack of coordination within the Amazon team.

Image source: Twitter/rajndk, Youtube/AmazonprimeVideoIndia, Youtube

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