Bagpat ka Dulha: Nothing will entertain you here!

Film: Bagpat ka Dulha

Cast: Jae Sing, Ruchi Singh, Raza Murad, Lalit Parimoo, Amita Nangia

Director: Karan Kashyap

Rating: *

This rather amateurish production appears to be yet another nepotistic effort at cinema. Neither the writing, the direction, plotting nor the action leads up to anything interesting here.

Shiv Shukla (Jae Sing) and Anjali (Ruchi Singh) run rival cable networks in Baghpat. Their fathers are already at war with each other and the two opposing offspring find petty ways to undercut the other’s business until the local MLA (Raza Murad) decides the only way to stop them from going hammer and tongs at each other is to get them hitched. The two are quite unwilling at first but eventually fall in love and by then the MLA’s nephew makes his innocuous play.

A poorly conceptualised story line, badly written script, lack-luster narrative, off-putting antics, unlikable performances, abysmal casting and unenlivening songs makes this a no show altogether!

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