The Banker review: The Anthony Mackie and Samuel L Jackson starrer is entertaining

Kshitij Rawat
The Banker review apple tv plus

The Banker stars Anthony Mackie, Samuel L Jackson and Nicholas Hoult,

The strangely titled The Banker is Apple TV+’s latest offering. Why do I believe the title is strange? For one, it is not accurate. The lead character played by Anthony Mackie is technically not a banker in the movie. Also, the title makes The Banker appear pretty boring, and this is a film which covers an absolutely fascinating real story and does it in an entertaining fashion.

Also starring Samuel L Jackson and Nicholas Hoult, the George Nolfi directorial The Banker is about two African-American entrepreneurs, Joe Morris and Bernard Garrett (played by Jackson and Mackie, respectively), in 1950s’ United States who tried to evade racial limitations of the era to pursue the American dream.

They hire a white man called Matt Steiner (Hoult) to act as their front — the head of their business empire — as they pose as a janitor and a chauffeur.

The film is entertaining. For a film like this that tackles racism and racial discrimination, it is also quite uproariously funny. Many critics have said the film is overly dramatic for a movie that deals with such serious issues. I disagree. The film is just entertaining and handles deeper issues well without, admittedly, the sheen of a prestige production.

All three lead actors deliver strong performances, and the film for the most part (the last act is a dampener) is paced very well.

The Banker is worth watching for the performances and the entertainment value. Just remember to not treat it as a history lesson.