Banks to be Closed on 9 Days in December 2019, Check Full List Here

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If you are planning on to do huge cash transactions in December 2019, or might be planning to visit banks in the month, make sure to know about the bank holidays in advance. The month of December 2019 comes with nine bank holidays. Just like any other month, banks will remain closed on public holidays in December too. According to RBI, the banks will be closed for a total of nine days in December 2019. Due to nine bank holidays, there may also be a shortage of cash in an ATM machine due to bank holidays.

In addition to these, there might be state-wise holiday list for the banks, which has to be checked with the bank. With the Sundays and two Saturdays in December, banks will also remain closed on December 25 for Christmas and on December 26 for Boxing Day in some northeastern states.

If you are also planning to make cash transactions or are planning leaves in the month of December, here is the list of Bank Holidays in this month that you should know:

• December 1, 2019 – Sunday

• December 8, 2019 – Sunday

• December 14, 2019 – Second Saturday

• December 15, 2019 – Sunday

• December 22, 2019 – Sunday

• December 25, 2019- Christmas

• December 26, 2019 – Boxing Day

• December 27, 2019 – Sunday

• December 28, 2019 – Fourth Saturday

The customers should also bear in mind that all the private and public sector banks are closed on the second and fourth Saturdays of every month.