Barbara Windsor 'confused' why people have stopped visiting, according to Christopher Biggins

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Barbara Windsor attends a memorial service for comedian Ronnie Corbett at Westminster Abbey on June 7, 2017 in London, England. Corbett died in March 2016 at the age of 85. (Photo by Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images)

Dame Barbara Windsor is “confused” about why friends have stopped visiting her while the nation has faced lockdown measures, according to her pal Christopher Biggins.

The EastEnders icon has been living with Alzheimer’s disease since 2014 and according to husband Scott Mitchell, her condition has been steadily declining.

However, the popular actress is used to a flow of family and pals coming to visit her, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, she has is able to receive guests, which according to Biggins, has left her “frustrated”.

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He told The Sun: “She’s a little confused as to what’s going on because no one can visit her.

“She’s used to having a lot of visitors but now she’s asking why people have stopped coming to see her.

“It’s not because she thinks ‘they don’t like me’ because her husband Scott explains to her but she just forgets the explanation and she asks all the time.

Barbara Windsor (R) and Christopher Biggins perform during the Amy Winehouse Foundation Gala at The Savoy Hotel on October 15, 2015 in London, England. (Photo by Dave J Hogan/Getty Images)

“So it’s a frustrating time for them both.”

Mitchell, who has been married to Windsor since 2000, has previously told how, at times, his wife’s condition has left her unable to recognise him.

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He told ITV News last year: "The day you dread is for that day they may not recognise you, and I experienced that maybe about two months ago or so and it did happen.

"And she did look at me and say 'I'm sorry, who are you?'

"It was very hard, it instantly hurt, I remember that, and I just kept talking, I said 'it's me Bar, it's Scott', I said 'don't worry you're just having one of those moments.'"

Despite needing constant care, Carry On star Windsor managed to visit Downing Street last year to request Boris Johnson do more to help dementia sufferers.

Scott Mitchell and Dame Barbara Windsor Alzheimer's Society open letter hand in at 10 Downing Street on September 02, 2019. (Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images)

She presented a letter, which was signed by 108,000 people, demanding Johnson invests in the NHS Dementia Fundchange.

She also released a video thanking people for their support.

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She addressed fans and supporters: “Thank you all so much for showing your support and signing the letter to our new Prime Minister.

"It means so much, let’s make this happen and fix dementia care.”

Windsor’s representatives have been approached for a comment.

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