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New Market, Kolkata

Looking for shopping destinations in the City of Joy? Reach New Market at the heart of Kolkata and pick clothing, handbags, shoes and fashion jewelry from over 2000 stalls. You can also get a couple of traditional and Terracotta jewellery here. Now Bengalis love their literature, so be rest assured to bump into a dozen of book stores with your favorite titles.

Bargain, bargain, and bargain some more at 10 Indian shopping streets #Shop_like_you_just_broke_up

Shopping has multiple purposes in one’s lives. It’s a necessity for some, time pass for some, passion for some and then there are people for whom shopping acts as a therapy.

Shopping also has a tiny little flaw, and that is, it can more than often leave you with a big hole in your pocket.

Looking for a win-win situation that allows you to shop like you just broke-up  without turning you broke? Ditch the malls for a minute and make the turn toward a shopping street. Here are 10 shopping streets in India that has way more to give you than you could imagine.