Barry Bobbitt Introduces Law Profits, the First Comprehensive Coaching Program for Law Firm Owners

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His Secret is Focusing on the Key Leverage Points Which Create Maximum Profit and Efficiency

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If you asked Bobbitt’s wife, she would say he was constantly stressed, constantly distracted with law firm issues, and never made it home for dinner on time (if at all).

If you asked Bobbitt himself, he would say, like most law firm owners, his superpower was managing high levels of stress.

Finally, after saying “enough is enough”, Bobbitt dedicated himself to finding the solution.

So he spent years and over $100,000 learning the best strategies for running a profitable firm that also didn’t require his full-time involvement. Above all, he just wanted to have some level of confidence that his firm would prosper year after year.

Although his growth as a business owner grew extensively, he became frustrated with the lack of practical information a law firm owner actually needed.

Although both of their coaching programs were 100% law firm owners, one “guru” was not an actual attorney and never ran a law firm…the other “guru” was a licensed attorney but had never actually owned or run his own law firm.

So Bobbitt grabbed what information he could, applied to the front lines of an actual law firm and tweaked it bit-by-bit until it was operating at maximum efficiency. Most importantly, he gained confidence.

And all along the way, he took notes and built frameworks as to what works.

The result is Law Profits, a comprehensive program that teaches law firm owners the battle proven tactics that create both a scalable and sustainable law practice so his clients can get home for dinner. But more importantly, they now have confidence in the continuing success of their practice.

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About Barry Bobbitt

Barry Bobbitt sold his multi-office law firm grossing 2 million per year so he could focus on his passion of getting attorneys home for dinner.